Condominium Management

We are dedicated to providing exceptional service that allows Boards and Owners the assurance that all aspects of their homes and investment will be professionally managed effectively and efficiently. Your best interest is always our top priority.

Offices in Calgary & Airdrie 

Delivering Quality Service to Meet Your Needs & Goals

Calgary and Airdrie are home to a thriving condominium market, and as a condo owner, you want to ensure that your property is well-maintained and managed efficiently. This is where the services of a professional condo management company come in.
At Integrity Condominium Management, we understand the unique needs of  Airdrie & Calgary condo owners and provide top-notch management services that cater to those needs. Our team of experts has years of experience in the industry and is equipped to handle any situation that may arise.

Our Services

Financial Management

We handle the financial aspects of your condo, including budget preparation, collection of monthly fees, payment of bills, bookkeeping, and preparation of financial reports.

Maintenance & Repairs

Our team is responsible for the maintenance and repairs of common areas and individual units, ensuring that your condo is always in top condition.

Rules & Regulations Enforcement

We handle the financial aspects of your condo, including budget preparation, collection of monthly fees, payment of bills, and preparation of financial reports.

Board Meetings

Integrity assists with tracking attendance, newsletter preparation and distribution, and agenda preparation.

Communication & Conflict Resolution

We act as the primary point of contact between residents, board members, and contractors, and are equipped to handle any conflict that may arise.

Emergency Management

Our team is on call 24/7 to handle any emergencies that may occur, providing peace of mind to residents.

For Calgary and Airdrie condominium owners and boards who want to raise the standards and quality of their condo management solution!

"Chris and Michelle have done a very good job for Penncross and during a very challenging time due to balcony reconstruction. They have been with us since July 2019."


"Chris and I worked together in Condo Management and I know her to work really hard for her clients. Making sure she has great quality contractors who are trustworthy, responding to clients when they have questions and helping Boards Manage the Corporation in the best interests of everyone. You will be in good hands."

Rebecca Hewitt

"Chris and Michelle do a great job of responding to tenant and owner needs. Their team of trades is top notch. Response times were good, and we were not left wanting more Would recommend"

Rob Lacey

"We have been with Integrity for a few months now, and I am having a great experience. my e-mails are answered quickly and professionally. Chris and her team are knowledgable and easy to communicate with."

Mike Anderson